A Campaign to Save 500 Kenyan Angels

29 Aug

Please help save the lives of Kenyan girls from child Marriage

Girls as young as twelve are being forced to lose their childhoods for a life that is defined by isolation, violence and illness. Child marriage is an outcome of the official tolerance of insidious cultural, societal and customary norms that shape and govern the institution of marriage and family life.

The goal of the campaign is to mobilize and build the capacities and competencies of men, boys and communities towards the eradication of child marriage in Kenya.

This can only be made possible with your support. Visit the link below and donate to support the campaign. $15 will help save a Kenya Angel



Also visit www.coexistkenya.com for more details about our work.


I see who I want to be, in my daughter’s eyes..Bency Omonding 1979

Thank you so much for your considered support.



Wanjala Wafula


Coexist Initiative


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