Letter to my son

13 Jul




Dear Derrick,


I have decided to write you this letter so that other boys your age around the world can share in this counsel.

You are precisely twelve years old and I have enjoyed the numerous achievements and accolades that you continue to achieve. Your sisters Becky and the charming Abby sent their regards. You may have wondered for long why I relate with you the way I do but I know if any child lives with criticism he learns to condemn and finds comfort in the company of the unwise. That is the reason I rarely criticize you. You may never have understood why we take walks to “think” as we have called them for the past few years.

I cut short many of your friends because they strive to instill in you a sense of hostility. You remember the many times I was tempted to smack you yet with restraint I was able to overcome. Tell this to you friends and your own children in the future that if your child lives with hostility he learns to fight resulting in a world that fights itself at its own peril. I bestow to you my son that fighting does not make your better man but instead consumes the God given power of making the world a better place for all.

I will always strive never to mock you because I know that if your child lives with ridicule

He learns to be shy. I see the world through your eyes and I am excited that the destiny of the world is heavily but steadily laying on your shoulders. I will never let you live in shame less I risk having you learn to live in shame.

I remember telling you the other day that you must learn to be tolerant to others because if the world was full of fools then there would be no need for the wise. Be patient with others even as I promise to always encourage you. Always be confident for there is place for the timid in this unforgiving world.  You are already doing things that I never knew about when I was you age. Maybe the times have changed but I will always praise you because I want you to learn to appreciate. I will always aspire to instill the virtues of fairness because I want you to believe in justice. I will always make sure you are secure because I want you to have faith that we all have a roll to play  in this world and that we are here for a reason.

I accept that I have made many mistakes in the past but you know well by that I apologize and never repeat them again. Learn to own up to your mistakes and accept responsibility for your ills. You know that you have my approval to do all that makes the world a better place and I want you to always learn to like yourself. It’s my prayer that you live with acceptance and friendship and learn to find love in the world.


Your friend and father




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