One Moses Okoth

8 Apr


Wanjala Wafula

It has come to our attention that an individual called Moses Okoth has been maligning the Coexist Initiative as an organization and me as a person in diverse forums and providing spiteful references about us. For starters, I have only had one meeting with the said individual and this was after he was referred to us by the moderator of the Menresources list serve in South Africa. The main objective of the meeting was to help him with fundraising ideas and contacts because he wanted to host an event he called “walking a mile in her shoes”.

I convened the meeting in one of the down town restaurants in Nairobi and invited representatives from the gender department and the ministry of health. Moses came to the meeting accompanied by one of his friends. Please remember that this was the first time I was meeting Moses and I allowed him all the time to sale his ideas to the prospective donors. I have never again had a meeting with the individual. During the meeting he shuffled and meandered around the subject at hand.  He roamed from buying shoes to manufacturing ladies pads and the list was endless. He was not compelling and at some point I was mortified to have invited my key contacts to the meeting. The body language from the donors was that of revulsion and boredom and any coherent person did not need to be told.

I incurred the cost of the meeting and we parted ways promising that I would be in touch once we had word from the donors. He later shared a document with me via mail and it was about the same event and I will not bore you either. A few days later, he started sending me text messages expressing aggravation and at some point wanted the Coexist Initiative to fund the inane ideas he could not elaborate himself. We disregarded the individual on the instructions of numerous people who are in the know about him.

Recently, he sent me a text message affirming that his current employers had asked him for reference about the Coexist Initiative and that he had given a bad reference just because we did not fund his wild ideas. I called him back and he lashed out all the vulgarities. Today, I received a message from him asking for connection on a certain listserve which was hastily followed by the insults annexed below from him.

I will not waste my time anymore on him. We live at a time when triviality and non issues dominate certain person’s minds at the expense of the antagonisms facing the world. For us at Coexist, eliminating gender based violence is our calling and we leave the side shows and emotions to those who opt.


Wanjala Wafula

Founder / Director

Coexist Initiative

His messages

Grow up…and use internet at times..i reacted to this message

Automatically….your email address just happens to still be in my

mailbox..GOSH i have nothing in common with you and the last thing i

would ever want is to even think of contacting you…Am so so so so

sorry!This was a HUGE BIG STUPID MISTAKE……….Pole!


I do have the text messages you sent me and told me to go to hell and that you dont have time to talk to me…I should go and learn things the NGO way and am wasting your time..that after taking a proposal we did …..not having any courtesy to talk or call back…spending all our time by having a meeting to tap into our thinking then NOW you expect me to hear what you have to say…?After an  error in a Netlog message that i sent BY Mistake..GO ahead Mr. Wafula,tell the world! and i insist GROW UP…If you are executive officer in an Organisation that is meant to be having a certain code of conduct do it by action! 

I still do have the time…i still insist that it doesnt matter what you do….is it that you want to threaten me…proof something or make me look bad? I really i am NOT interested….whether a fight….who you are or what you can do..I did report you and said i DONT want to work with someone who has and portrays an image different from what donors know is saying the truth and getting the can open on what you are doing is wrong THEN tell the WORLD! Final stop  making a mountain out of a mole hill! 


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